You no longer have to be a triathlete to get all your activity data neatly summarized on Strava.”

You’ll see that the summary data no longer defaults to cycling, running and swimming. It instead defaults to you.”

12 week progress


sometimes contentious conversations do come up”

Reduce promotional content”

there may be contentious or unhealthy conversations”

It’s important for admins to be able to shape and reinforce a community’s culture.”

New Tools for Admins

community Facebook

so that it is easier to notice and address raised hands.”

Improvements to Hand Raise

google meet

talent retention and brain drain continuing to be big issues in a number of industries”

But the problem, he said, was that although IBM did have internal job boards, it was hard to see how his expertise mapped on to the opportunities that were available.”

when you are considering large enterprises the size of IBM, chances are that they are not focusing too much on individualized career development or talent retention for most people at the lower end of the wider pay scale.”

The fact was that exploring outside was easier than looking internally.”

losing (talent) it to others because they — the employee and the employer — haven’t found the right role for a particular person who wants to switch gears.”

What if you are working in a tense environment or simply don’t get along with the person to whom you directly report?”

Gloat raises $57M to reinvent the internal job board

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the necessary and human readable information and standards still sit with a small group of people (which we like to call the Bureaucratic Gatekeepers). What’s more, the ability to actually find the accurate and relevant information quickly on the internet is difficult.”

The education in this space in and of itself is inaccessible, which we always found to be irony at its finest.”

Open Public Library


Sometimes you want to talk, and sometimes you just … don’t.”

…control unwanted attention.”

I want to make it easier to untag yourself from a Tweet or conversation you don’t want to be involved in.”

Need some peace and quiet?”

Controlling unwanted attention - Twitter