While 80 percent of Australian men report feeling safe walking alone at night, a 2019 Community Council for Australia report notes that only 50 percent of women say the same.”

Building Safer Ground


could give users a new way to interact with tweets they find unhelpful or in poor taste.”

Thumbs-down is better than [commenting], Take a dirt nap,’”

Twitter is testing downvotes


Always feeling like you’ve forgotten something?”

It’s easy to forget things when leaving the house.”

Tired of turning up at the gym without your headphones? Forgot your lunch? Turned up at daycare but forgot your baby?”

Stop wasting time backtracking and worrying if you have everything.”

check your list


80% of product managers still feel they don’t spend enough time talking to their customers.”

Research tools are disconnected from various product management, design, or work/note suites … so user feedback often lives in a silo.

UX researchers or product managers are carrying the burden of transferring learnings and performing manual analyses — often with spreadsheets, shared docs, or even sticky notes — on hundreds of survey results, hours of video recording, and pages of detailed interview notes to find useful insights.”

For a product manager or designer, the hardest question to answer is often the Why a user did x””

even though support tickets and video recordings are known to be a treasure trove of customer insights, there’s no effective way to combine or distill this information and present it in a coherent format.”

The market for user research platforms

user research

The Venmo community has grown to more than 70 million customers, so this change allows customers to connect and share meaningful moments and experiences with the people who matter most.”

The Venmo App You Know and Love Now Has a New Look and Feel

Venmo privacy

…making it easier to organize files through dragging and dropping. The details pane is also being overhauled to offer more details on your files at a glance.”

Dropbox Update