Quick exploration on how I could quickly turn these problems into design prompts.


Smart reminders: I (want to) reach out to them regularly…I usually can’t specify in advance what kind of schedule I want or all of these options, like delete this, never show this to me again, like that’s too heavy handed.”

Snoozing: I want to be reminded of this in three days.” And it comes back and I’m like, actually I want it in two more days, if I do that enough times, I start to feel guilty, I’m like breaking some promise to myself.”

Managing an inbox: you have this overwhelming set of stuff (in your inbox). And people either feel overwhelmed and only deal with what’s new or feel an obligation to deal with everything.”

I feel bad (when) heartfelt and personal messages arrive and there’s real correspondence that doesn’t get action.”

The affordance (of the inbox) is that you should respond to these or deal with them in some way.”

I often find myself drawn to my email inbox when I’m not quite sure how to solve a problem on something important.”

Andy Matuschak

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If you have a relationship with a University you likely have a notification’ problem.

…getting 30 or 40 individual messages all coming from different stakeholders at the institution, all coming at different times.”

One potential solution to this problem is to bundle the different kinds of communications into an easily readable weekly digest.

There’s a problem with that too.

People miss things all the time.” On page 17 out of 40 it says by the way on Thursday your kid needs to wear blue.”

Deep Questions with Cal Newport

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make it easy for you to find content that you’re most interested in watching”

something that could be particularly helpful for longer videos or those that haven’t broken down their various sections using either timestamps or video chapters.”

In addition, the feature could help point users more to the useful parts of tutorial videos, or to the segment that has the most action — like the most watched bit of footage from a gamer’s video.”

Youtube Video Player Updates


the bus so unreliable, the parking so hard to find, driving so tedious—that people may be willing to pay twice what they did before. Companies come and go, their products and prices change, and consumers adapt.”

End of cheap rides


I can understand her when she speaks English, but I can’t answer her.”

Breaking down language barrier

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