It’s critical that we have the ability to intellectually explore without fear of social ramifications.”

“It’s like when you rode on the train with a complete stranger before the internet.. You were more willing to share intimate information and discuss topics…”

But the early experimentation and incubation of ideas is incompatible with public engagement.”

an environment stripped clean of the baggage that can make it hard to think clearly. No pictures, no profiles (even pseudonyms), no status, no crowds.”

Postmodern - Product Hunt

postmodern social

Users have many roles—employee, freelancer, hobbyist—but no simple way to move between these different identities. Instead of resorting to complex workarounds, they needed to easily switch between workspaces, depending on whether they were creating designs at work or during off hour.”

Keeping personal files separate from work projects is important, and equally critical is allowing users to maintain one public brand as they change jobs or roles.”

Behind the feature - Figma


Let’s say I’m looking for an app to help me make some pizza from scratch: I can type pizza” in the App Store’s search field and see additional words pop up like maker,” game,” call,” calculator,” or order.”

Apple adds a way to speed up searches


no ads, no dodgy trackers and no chumboxes of clickbait.”


They’re easy to steal, they’re hard to remember, and managing them is tedious.”

Many people believe that a password should be as long and complicated as possible — but… complicated passwords tempt users into using them for more than one account; in fact, 66% of Americans admit to using the same password across multiple sites, which makes all those accounts vulnerable if any one falls.”

It makes it easier to create and use complex and unique passwords, without the need to remember or repeat them.”

A simpler and safer future — without passwords

google security identity

For those looking to nourish your body, but still enjoy all the experiences of food without restriction, shame, or guilt.”

Life happens. Social engagement, time restrictions, distractions and emotions all lead us to mindlessly ignore if we are hungry or full.”

Intro to Mindful Eating