As more work has moved from the office to the cloud, our digital ecosystems have become more complex. Files are scattered across apps, devices, and locations.”

Among all that content, it’s hard to quickly find what you’re looking for.”

Searching for the file you need can be time-consuming when shared folders become filled with too many files—many of which are redundant and outdated.”

As more people add to the folder, problems are compounded, especially if everyone has their own naming conventions and processes for uploading and categorizing files.”

quickly find the one you need even if you don’t remember its name.”

New features-Dropbox

dropbox productivity

I often have trouble finding documents in Google Drive and never remember to look at the advanced search options.”

make it easier to find relevant files faster, eliminating the need to perform multiple searches or sort through irrelevant results.”

Search Chips

google drive

It can have difficulty recognizing dark skin tones”

it can be fooled by simple disguises”

Crypto is hard to use, easy to trip up, biased to early adopters, an energy hog, and of marginal utility except to make money.”

Class 1 / Class 2


No ability to change device mid-flow.”

Forced to scroll on every screen.”

Amount of input fields required to fill”

Users not being clear on requirements”

complex forms


you can now also check out companies’ vaccination requirements as part of how you evaluate jobs”

there is no way of negotiating a fee for work, nor for invoicing, and those looking to find people are not required to give any specific guidance on fees until they get into a deeper conversation with a candidate.”

those listing their profiles on the Marketplace have no way of finding jobs themselves”

Freelancers often suffer from a lack of transparency on rates, and run the risk of being exploited as a result through low-balling”

Service Marketplace


Taking a step back, a broader collective fear around online fatigue — notification overload, too many tools, and too many hours spent scrolling and conferencing”

Software Style