We know it’s frustrating when you make a transfer from your traditional checking account to your traditional investment account and it takes a day or two to land in the market…You no longer have to wonder where your funds are or when they’ll be invested.”

Control matters, especially when it comes to something as important as your finances.”

Wealthfront finance investing

lets you know if the password you used has been previously exposed and what to do about it.”

Having loved ones in another time zone or on a different schedule can sometimes make it difficult to send a text at an appropriate time. With schedule send, you can compose a message ahead of time when it’s convenient for you, and schedule it to send at the right moment.”

But not all books, like the one written by your favorite indie author, are converted into an audiobook.”

Pin your favorite driving destinations like school or a grocery store to quickly see directions, live traffic trends, disruptions on your route, and an accurate ETA—all without typing the place’s address.”

Share apps from Google Play with the people around you with an Android phone, even if you don’t have a cell or Wi-Fi connection.”

6 new ways Android can help this holiday season

Android is even safer

google android

…help answer the question that most new parents ask themselves roughly every 90 seconds:”Is my baby still breathing?”


baby parenting

We allow people to share their own experiences and journeys around self-image and body acceptance. We know that these stories can prompt important conversations and provide community support, but can also be triggering for some.”

How we’re supporting people affected by eating disorders and negative body image


Where do people post photo albums to share with friends and family? My go-to is still Facebook but I almost feel like there’s too much non-photo stuff going on that photo albums are starting to feel out of place. Instagram is too public. Other ideas?”


photos social

Managing feedback was a particularly sore spot. Product designs and user flows can easily encompass upwards of 20 screens. Feedback and reviews often take place in a series of endlessly recurring meetings that often lead to delays.”

From a leadership point of view, understanding a design team’s core competency and capacity can be extremely hard given that design work today can be scattered across teams and tools.”

Introducing Notebooks

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