“help people manage these busy conversations among these kinds of groups (schools, local clubs, and non-profit organizations). 
“As you wait for your package to arrive, you end up repeating the same steps: searching your inbox for the confirmation email, finding the tracking number and following a string of links to see your delivery status. 
“As the quality of writing on Substack has blossomed and comments sections lit up with intelligent discussions, subscriber communities began to take shape. 
“the opportunity that healthcare professionals have to inform and educate their patients largely stops at the clinic door. 
“we’re making the watch page easier on the eyes. 
“so people can share what resonates with them, and so original creators are credited for their work. 
The feature’s purpose is to make users aware of important — and sometimes time-sensitive — stuff so they can do something about it without undue distraction. 
“Think of it as a short period of time to do things like fix typos, add missed tags, and more. 
“some members may feel overwhelmed” 
“Stores still need employees to be…helping confused shoppers enter the store through the barriers” 
“sharing work that might be under NDA with recruiters or a small subset of people. 
“when you search for a specific COVID vaccine brand or EV charging facilities, and the initial local results that you see show places that offer that service, it will now show this for veterans hospitals and healthcare facilities that offer abortions. 
“We know that some discussions need more than 280 characters” 
“Got dating app fatigue? 
“call out which (accounts) are more legit than others. 
“younger users who are getting fed up with Instagram’s constant changes, its cramming in of new features like Reels and Shopping, and its overly-polished creator content. 
“people want to find friends, acquaintances and connections through shared struggles and common joys: moving to a new city, navigating parenthood, finding a partner for hiking, or really anything else in between. 
“long struggled with unauthorized parties taking place at bookings. 
“You might not be starting or instigating these conversations, but your buyers are on Reddit and LinkedIn and all these social media platforms. 
“20% increase YoY in people adding visual content in their posts. 
“…will load bulky items — like a refrigerator, bookshelf, or air conditioner — into a pickup truck and deliver them to your house for a fee. 
“Houses offering as more intimate than Clubs, as they’re built through invitations and anyone in a House can start or schedule a room within the House, whereas Clubs are more public and open for anyone to request to join. 
“Restriction and deprivation are unsustainable; accurately tracking spending is hard; income fluctuates, and costs don’t operate on a perfect monthly reset. 
“For example, suggestions are reordered to more likely match contact queries with first names or email addresses rather than last names. 
“It comes quite in handy if, for example, you use your Twitter for work but also want to shitpost to your actual friends about your Dungeons & Dragons character (too specific? 
“We’ve heard from a lot of bikers that they don’t want to enter turn-by-turn navigation when they’re cycling since their phone is usually tucked away for most of their ride” 
“decide which new hat or jersey” 
“Help discover new and interesting things on instagram that you might not know even exist. 
“make sure people don’t miss friends’ posts” 
“look up restaurants…rather than simply viewing where a photo was posted” 
“being able to quickly and easily tell which programming is included as part of a subscription service — and which are available for purchase. 
“they would like the ability to share Times journalism with non-subscribers. 
“The profiles can’t be used to misrepresent a user’s identity or impersonate other people. 
“What none do well is allow you to find your stuff after a while. 
“if someone forgets to mute themselves! 
“I prefer it when the person blurs out everyone else’s face. 
“main purpose of connecting friends and family” “often open our app without an explicit intention” 
“if prompting individuals to take another look at their words could foster healthier conversations. 
“Sometimes you need a little more action to bring your movement to life. 
“If you mess up a fact or flub a line in a YouTube video it can be hard to correct the error. 
“we’ve all been on a call where someone has poor room acoustics making it hard to hear them, or seen two people try to talk at the same time creating an awkward “no, you go ahead” moment. 
“toggle between multiple apps when looking for restaurant reviews. 
“notification permission prompts can become a nuisance. 
Personal safety “Many people share passwords and access to their devices with their partner. 
Only 50% of adults and less than 20% of young teenagers meet recommended physical activity guidelines. 
“It’s really important and powerful to be able to reach you (via Gmail addresses or phone numbers) and allow you then to decide whether you want to be reached or not, as opposed to having to manage all of these different identities and deal with the consequences. 
“Over 50% of people take medications, and we wanted to make it easier to track, manage and understand the medications that you take. 
“I found it humiliating to be overweight, but I also found it humiliating to be worried about being overweight. 
“when the din of the world becomes too much, listeners often need the opposite vibe: something soothing and sedating, maybe with the sound of static or falling rain. 
“It’s a part time job to have to learn about why this product that looks extremely healthy…like it would be vegan or organic, is actually really bad for you. 
“Does anyone pay any mind to the fact that a person appears to have their notifications silenced when we initiate a text message to them? 
“Found a new favorite while browsing across your apps, but can’t watch it right now? 
“Millions…enjoy drinking and have no desire to quit entirely, and yet, who could benefit from healthier and more intentional drinking habits. 
“for people who want to get rid of the clutter on-screen and just focus on the content they’re viewing. 
Quick exploration on how I could quickly turn these problems into design prompts. 
Smart reminders: “I (want to) reach out to them regularly…I usually can’t specify in advance what kind of schedule I want or all of these options, like delete this, never show this to me again, like that’s too heavy handed. 
If you have a relationship with a University you likely have a ‘notification’ problem. 
“make it easy for you to find content that you’re most interested in watching” 
“the bus so unreliable, the parking so hard to find, driving so tedious—that people may be willing to pay twice what they did before. 
“I can understand her when she speaks English, but I can’t answer her. 
“the shouting into the void problem” 
“Door Detection can help users locate a door upon arriving at a new destination, understand how far they are from it, and describe door attributes — including if it is open or closed, and when it’s closed, whether it can be opened by pushing, turning a knob, or pulling a handle…also read signs and symbols around the door, like the room number at an office, or the presence of an accessible entrance symbol. 
“No research, no stress, no surprises—and, as always, we’ll show you pricing upfront. 
“Staying on top of your finances can be tricky and confusing. 
“How many times have you tried to find the perfect piece of clothing, a tutorial to recreate nail art or even instructions on how to take care of a plant someone gifted you — but you didn’t have all the words to describe what you were looking for? 
“Staying up to date on your network is a key part of the feed, but that doesn’t mean you need (or want! 
“Let others know where you will be working from and make it easier to schedule based on guest locations. 
“literally call 4 therapists offices to be told they’re not accepting new patients” 
“If you’re like us and obsessively check the cams each hour, you probably notice that conditions change rapidly. 
“Open to work was born out of watching how our members were hacking their Profile headlines and Feeds to amplify their need for support. 
“Your contacts are spread out across a dozen different chat networks. 
“brand new users don’t know what QuickBooks can do, don’t know how to navigate within the product, and don’t know what they don’t know. 
“Snapchat is a place where people feel free to be themselves, somewhere they’re empowered to be happy, open-minded, and connected” 
“Needs a place to sell old (cookbooks) and buy new ones. 
“Today’s tools require behavior change and constant input. 
“Too few doctors or nurses speak Spanish, and many hospitals and clinics have grossly inadequate interpretation and translation services, despite federal mandates requiring them” 
“job seekers expect to find teams that align with their personal values. 
“Citrate, malate, bisglycinate? 
“it’s easier to find videos across your Workspace” “makes it easy for anyone to find them later. 
″ Sometimes you want to find a particular moment you love — that awesome action scene or the big reveal of that can’t-believe-it twist — or rewatch a favorite joke. 
“finding it difficult to communicate what they meant in their own voice” 
“…you don’t know who needs to meet with you, but you want to make yourself available. 
“Unlike physical ID cards, driver’s license and state ID in Wallet presents only the information needed for the interaction, and the user has the opportunity to review and authorize the information being requested before it is shared. 
“Linkpop makes is easy to share my blog posts and products in the same place in an organized fashion! 
“Customers want answers fast, and using Switch means they don’t have to wait on hold—they can just seamlessly switch to messaging for quick answers. 
“When you want to make a route for a gravel ride or bikepacking trip, it’s great to have a map that shows all the paved and unpaved roads in your area. 
“Whether you’re creating a personal dashboard with a minimalist look, or trying to clean up your team’s homepage, now you have the option to hide the title of the source database in a linked view. 
“finding more stories they like on their homepage” “Make it easier to explore and discover what’s relevant” “Discover relavant context” “Writers are easier to discover and follow” 
“help you find everything you need… bike shops, cafes, water fountains, restrooms, photo spots” 
“if you ever feel concerned that someone could be tracking you, we now offer a feature that allows you to determine if that tracking could be through a Tile product. 
“There are many situations where”suggest less” or “stop suggesting” aren’t exactly how I want to change my recommendations. 
“People are looking for an evolution in how they discover and share music” 
“New brands are popping up every day and coupled with the rise of sponsored and cherry-picked reviews, it can be confusing to know what’s worth your money. 
Why: “Never Miss a Stop” 
“Noisy office? 
“Adding image descriptions allows people who are blind, have low vision, use assistive tech, live in low-bandwidth areas, or have a cognitive disability, to fully contribute on Twitter. 
“Finding guided meditations on Insight Timer feels so overwhelming. 
“bikers don’t want to enter turn-by-turn navigation when they’re cycling since their phone is usually tucked away for most of their ride. 
“As more work has moved from the office to the cloud, our digital ecosystems have become more complex. 
“I often have trouble finding documents in Google Drive and never remember to look at the advanced search options. 
“It can have difficulty recognizing dark skin tones” 
“No ability to change device mid-flow. 
“you can now also check out companies’ vaccination requirements as part of how you evaluate jobs” 
“Taking a step back, a broader collective fear around online fatigue — notification overload, too many tools, and too many hours spent scrolling and conferencing” 
“heavy mental burden of remembering to finish those halfway read articles or vacation research” 
“A fitness journey that is fun, effective, convenient, and incredibly empowering” 
“Finding a way to connect with people who might buy from you, while spending less time pursuing those who will never be interested” 
“Hinge wants to help people get to know you as soon as they see your profile. 
“their design and their focus on images reduces people to caricatures. 
“prevent participants from unmuting themselves after they are muted. 
“It’s hard to keep everyone engaged in a meeting, and even harder when it’s happening online. 
“Ever record an activity for tracking purposes but don’t necessarily want to showcase it on the feed? 
“can you put all the sms verification codes into like a separate tab…my actual conversations are being drowned out. 
“Without a common culture or screening criteria people don’t know how to assess the skills and reliability of others without directly working with them. 
“people using technology too much. 
“when anyone can publish and connecting and sharing is free and frictionless, then there is always far more than we can possibly read” 
“easier to be the curator of your own followers list. 
“a young person in a moment of distress who, instead of being comforted, has their experience made worse” 
“because we are committed to not introducing systems of stress that encourage unhealthy competition and comparison, we do not display the number of comments on a Highlight. 
“you’re left wondering whether the email actually went through, whether it reached the correct person, the hassle of following up without a record in one’s sent folder, knowing that one’s careful paragraph breaks and formatting will collapse into an undifferentiated blob of copy. 
“Smart assistants such as Alexa have huge benefits for accessibility, yet their voice-first nature can make them inaccessible and exclusionary to those with atypical speech. 
“If anonymous users are restricted to a daily limit of one-click transforms (clicking the suggestion to apply the suggestion), then the pain of manually applying the suggestion will motivate anonymous users to see the value in registering. 
“not every team has a visual way to understand how their time commitments line up. 
“after multiple tries, the system couldn’t match JB’s face and ID photo, shutting them out of the benefits they qualified for. 
“While many companies want to support employees with chronic illnesses, they sometimes lack the know-how or resources. 
“Because you can’t get a Pap smear on the Internet. 
“Preteens probably shouldn’t have phones, but parents give them anyway. 
“companies are realizing that their inbound application pool of people are not as diverse, equitable or inclusive. 
“give users a sense of a conversation’s vibe before they wade in. 
“it’s often the smaller private moments amongst friends that put smiles on faces: birthdays, long-overdue catch-ups, watching a movie long-distance, making plans for the weekend, or just hanging out on a Thursday night. 
“Surprise hills are (usually) not the surprises we want. 
“may work with hundreds of thousands of files in the same format — which can be unwieldy to scale to a searchable system” 
“When picking up an order, the customer needs to find the right place to park, but each store has a different set up — some have dedicated pickup parking spots, and others have a curbside pickup lane. 
“send short recordings to colleagues instead of scheduling lengthy meetings” 
The Great Mismatch 
“Spoken interaction is awkward for almost everyone in confined spaces on systems with less than 100% accuracy. 
“murky inferred inconsistent data that candidates don’t have any awareness or control over, it’s about clean structured self-reported data that candidates share with us. 
“26% reported social media makes them feel worse about their lives. 
“Dark mode… helps reduce eye strain and help with light sensitivities (while maintaining the right color contrast ratio)” 
“80 percent of people don’t eat all recommended foods daily, indicating a lack of adequate micronutrients from diet alone. 
″ uses AI to privately share guidance on your pace, notify you if you are interrupting someone and remind you to check in with your audience. 
“Today, too many connections is bad. 
“…my day is meetings — an eight-Zoom day is a normal day — I just wish I could remember everything. 
“There’s always been a broad, weird and wonderful range of conversations on Twitter, but we haven’t done enough to help connect people who are into the same things. 
“browse remote jobs in your office without your boss finding out” 
“7 different apps (so far) I have to download, learn, and keep updated just so I have the option of using a few marginal features that don’t work half the time anyway” 
“It’s a powerful way of getting stuff out of your head before it vanishes — an essential capability in our distracting, information-drenched world. 
“It’s a way for people to know which accounts are authentic and notable. 
“her teams spent about 90% of their time digging around Dropbox looking for assets. 
“talent acquisition leaders face technology gaps while assessing candidates” ” create and communicate offers that are easy to understand and are unbiased. 
“I am chronically late and losing track of time when I tell people I’ll be 5 minutes or something. 
“the people most attracted to getting things done are the people who need it the least” 
“The tasks you so diligently enter into your fancy app or productivity method linger for days or weeks or months (or even longer—one colleague recently told me his to-do app has undone tasks from 2019). 
“more people want flexible work options” 
“Writing a new doc should feel like playing with LEGOs. 
“What you share on Strava — and how much of it you want others to see — should be totally up to you. 
“Maybe you saw an amazing house tour, but is it even in your state? 
“Distraction free” 
“We’ve updated our colors to be high contrast and a lot less blue — a change made to draw attention to the photos and videos you create and share. 
“We refer to (maps) daily, but they are still incredibly hard to create. 
“The conversation often doesn’t reflect the state of the document. 
“…how useful is a CV with a list of skills, really? 
“every event is unique. 
“bad leaderboard data is no fun… You give a segment your best and think that the elusive crown might be yours. 
“It’s really hard to sell yourself with just pictures,” Baghadijian said. 
“how our engaged, responsive and chatty audience reacts to products that are emotionally charged — like a new jersey from your favorite sports team — or that provide lasting impact — like a new skincare regimen. 
“I don’t think that this is primarily about being engaged with the internet more. 
“have to consistently remind PM to include technical/non-product initiatives” 
“the moment she stepped off the bike or treadmill for the floor exercise portion, she knew there was nothing recording her workout. 
“Opening my own brokerage account a few years prior had been a nightmare of paper checks, fax machines and double-digit commissions on every trade. 
“I want to know how much time I’m spending on sales vs product vs …” 
“I am very bad at keeping in touch with people. 
“Is this actually possible within the time frame they’re giving me? 
“we don’t want (young people) to deal with unwanted DMs or comments from strangers. 
“I don’t go to work to be a family, a brotherhood, or whatever… I do that at my pub, at the gym or with my friends. 
“Likes and comments were the obvious choice but it felt wrong to allow anyone to leave a blemish on a profile you’re using to apply for jobs. 
“While 80 percent of Australian men report feeling safe walking alone at night, a 2019 Community Council for Australia report notes that only 50 percent of women say the same. 
“could give users a new way to interact with tweets they find unhelpful or in poor taste. 
“Always feeling like you’ve forgotten something? 
“80% of product managers still feel they don’t spend enough time talking to their customers. 
“The Venmo community has grown to more than 70 million customers, so this change allows customers to connect and share meaningful moments and experiences with the people who matter most. 
“…making it easier to organize files through dragging and dropping. 
“Sometimes words aren’t enough. 
“20% of grocery consumers sought out opponents adhering to a damaging result from poor substitutions. 
“Finally, something that tells me what those weird symbols mean! 
“I would always go shopping and forget my gift cards at home and my grandfather would always give me gift cards to stores I would never shop at. 
“…having the ability to text other users will certainly make organising rooms a bit easier. 
“but we haven’t typically been open to giving play a place at work or in our work tools. 
“Oftentimes, information needs to be included in multiple places throughout your workspace. 
“careers you could transition into — and might not have considered” 
“It’s a pain to do ongoing marketing of your skills. 
“…anxieties that hold people back from Tweeting. 
“Please add the Director credit to film details. 
“Lifestyle decisions don’t happen in a vacuum; a snack, a nap, and a workout each have a metabolic effect on their own, but when these decisions happen close together their effects combine in ways that make the results hard to understand. 
“When you require a member to parse between three, four, or five stars, you force them to think too much. 
“you must first respond”yes” to 10 million people asking if your listing that was posted 13 milliseconds ago is still available. 
“No more ping-ponging between documents, spreadsheets, and niche workflow apps to get things done. 
“Skip the docs and stop searching for examples. 
“Skip the lines, parking, and heavy bags. 
“Some of our best creative work has happened when sharing of ideas was easy, whiteboarding them all around and trying things together. 
“Consistency and predictability in take-home pay are important. 
“a new way for job seekers to showcase their experiences and skillsets in creative and authentic ways” 
“40% of your search results are actually ads? 
“homebound users became more fixated on what was happening on a hyper-local level” 
“when you go online and order your groceries, now you’re trusting somebody or something else to make those picks for you, to make sure that the cold stuff stays cold, to make sure that the frozen stuff stays frozen, in the time it takes to get it to your home. 
“One-third of US adults don’t get enough sleep. 
“1:1s often get crammed in the cracks of other meetings and shuffled around. 
“We know how busy a parent’s life is. 
“But how many times have you seen something you want but can’t figure out how to buy it or even check it out? 
“You’d be able to see the WiFi login info, if they have outlets, if it’s noisy, etc. 
“I want a calendar that tells me I am booking way too many meetings. 
“Ever want to tweet, but not to everybody? 
“Maybe it’s something they are embarrassed to talk about. 
“Before, you might have dropped by a colleague’s desk to hash out an idea, or caught up with a colleague in the hallway to debrief after a big meeting. 
“Their experiences of being shamed for smoking. 
“When it comes to soft skills, 75% of hiring managers in the U. 
“See photos and documents in one place. 
“The platform attempts to end the “calendar Tetris” many recruiters must play everyday as they figure out the best times for what can be day-long interviews with dozens of people involved. 
“90% of gamers lose focus due to sweaty or cold hands. 
“The two central questions of ecommerce (and indeed any retail) are logistics and delivery… 
“One of the hardest things about onboarding is getting everybody on the same page. 
“We know it can be frustrating if you click on a job post on LinkedIn and be taken to a partner job site only to find it’s now closed. 
“To collaborate effectively with those in our wider network, it’s helpful to learn more about them, what they work on, who they work with, and what’s important to them. 
“When you return to the pc, after being away for a while, you don’t have to remember where you were or waste time settings things back up. 
“Features like voice assistant, automatic read-aloud of screen text, language translation” 
“I talk with my hands even on zoom. 
“There are people who get [my newsletter] in their primary inbox every single time, but there’s other people who maybe never ever got a chance to become a reader of the newsletter, because everything from their welcome email to their first 10 [issues] all went to the Promos folder. 
“Whether you’re wining and dining or cooking for one, pair your meal with the right music. 
“You no longer have to be a triathlete to get all your activity data neatly summarized on Strava. 
“sometimes contentious conversations do come up” 
“so that it is easier to notice and address raised hands. 
“talent retention and brain drain continuing to be big issues in a number of industries” 
“the necessary and human readable information and standards still sit with a small group of people (which we like to call the Bureaucratic Gatekeepers). 
“Sometimes you want to talk, and sometimes you just … don’t. 
“Getting and sharing information with friends” 
“When further away, we found it was really hard to remain facing a specific direction. 
“communication across timezones is the ultimate challenge. 
“AR to help people overlay products on themselves and their environments without having to visit physical stores. 
“Your credits are so long it makes it impossible to know when an episode will actually end. 
“Falls are the leading cause of accidents, injury, and death for seniors in the US, and they’re responsible for billions in healthcare costs each year. 
“by adding a unique hashtag, amazing conversations can now live beyond the Space. 
“people are Zoomed out and find comfort in talking to one another without feeling they are on display. 
“These new controls for better managing what shows up as a featured image will come in handy when an unpleasant memory pops up, perhaps one featuring an ex-partner or a place that has a negative association. 
“Worried about online hacks getting harder to detect? 
“While some skin symptoms (such as itchiness) are the same for everyone, other symptoms may differ depending on people’s skin tones. 
“It’s hard to trust what you don’t understand. 
“give the people you care about a starring role. 
“cognitive overload about how to switch gears” 
“Managing money can be hard. 
“Want an easy way to better organize your saved content…so when you need it, you can find it easily and efficiently.? 
“You’ve undoubtedly run across taped light switches like the one pictured above (”do not touch“) if you’ve ever spent time in Airbnbs. 
“How do I find a receipt from three weeks ago. 
“Some employers like logistics companies couldn’t hire fast enough, struggling to pinpoint talent with the right skills for their open roles. 
““There were notable, locally named climbs with well understood start and finish lines during which the ride turned into a race to the top with the prize being stature and bragging rights. 
“such minute differences in colours that it was almost impossible to distinguish important elements like roads, text, and borders. 
“We hear all the time that tasks get drowned out in Google Docs notifications; as one user said,”it’s impossible to parse through comments to find tasks and know what you have to do. 
“One of the most popular ways people take note of things they like is by taking a screenshot — but it’s not always easy to take action on those screenshots afterward. 
“Say goodbye to toxic microplastics found in household sea salt. 
“not seeing like counts was beneficial for some and annoying to others, particularly because people use like counts to get a sense of what’s trending or popular, so we’re giving you the choice. 
“make social media less self-centered, and more about the people we care about. 
“If you’ve been creating content for Spotlight, a TikTok-like feed, or if you’re a Snap star, you may need more powerful editing tools. 
“In 2016, 11. 
“Language is remarkably nuanced and adaptable. 
“labor shortages” 
People can travel anytime. 
“Joining a team now that uses Google Docs more frequently, the frequency of reading”requested access! 
“Most IPO shares typically go to institutions or wealthier investors. 
“Theres a huge difference between taking a break for a video call and navigating how to get to and from, into and out of, a courthouse. 
“follow-up privately with another group member who has shared something relatable or interesting in the community. 
“Aspiring students all compete for the same spots, which makes the whole thing stressful, competitive, and expensive. 
“AssistiveTouch for watchOS allows users with upper body limb differences to enjoy the benefits of Apple Watch without ever having to touch the display or controls. 
“Members kept asking her for different things: a cooking club, a therapist recommendation, a wellness group. 
“The first is adequate tools to do our job properly - moderation is hard enough without technical hurdles. 
“communicating with other people one-on-one is a basic human need that has been with us for the last few thousand years, and is going to be with us for like however long we have as a species. 
“make it easier for low-vision and visually impaired users to spot and engage with these actions when using Spotify on their phones. 
“We often want to be together - and we can’t. 
“The average American commute in 2019 was 27 minutes each way. 
“They all deserve care and access to the vaccine, no matter their address, income or skin color. 
“It’s critical that we have the ability to intellectually explore without fear of social ramifications. 
“Users have many roles—employee, freelancer, hobbyist—but no simple way to move between these different identities. 
“Let’s say I’m looking for an app to help me make some pizza from scratch: I can type “pizza” in the App Store’s search field and see additional words pop up like “maker,” “game,” “call,” “calculator,” or “order. 
“no ads, no dodgy trackers and no chumboxes of clickbait. 
“They’re easy to steal, they’re hard to remember, and managing them is tedious. 
“For those looking to nourish your body, but still enjoy all the experiences of food without restriction, shame, or guilt. 
“When this feature is turned on, a blue icon will appear in the address bar when coupons are available. 
“It’s a lot of work to build your own replica of the infrastructure so you can run it locally. 
“Current approaches to address them view weight gain as the problem, rather than a symptom of poor metabolic health. 
“Users have been using Twitter to solicit tips or Patreon follows for years — ending viral threads with a shoutout to a SoundCloud account is practically a meme at this point. 
“Across the country, restaurant operators are reporting steep staff shortages, and are struggling to hire both cooks and wait staff. 
“Canadians who already started testing the tool have used the feature to find missing pets, organize hiking trips, make new friends, find a handyman and get baking materials, Patton said. 
“the new Programs come with a progress bar to monitor your progression” 
“But with …hundreds of (hours of content) saved in Your Library, we know it’s crucial to be able to quickly find what you’re looking for, jump back into your latest discovery, or rediscover a beloved track you saved years ago. 
“we made it possible for members to self-identify their demographics, including gender, race, ethnicity and disability - none of this information is visible on a member’s profile or used to identify the individual. 
“…make it easier for the indecisive among us to quickly find something to watch. 
“…gives you more flexibility and lessens any pressure to look or sound a certain way during a Live. 
“but this feature is even more valuable for comparing your own efforts. 
“Why isn’t your 401k like a bank account? 
“People are simply looking for a space to share ideas and connect. 
“listeners will be able to browse free channels, which make it easy to find more shows from their favourite creators” 
“There’s been a lack of transparency and consumer understanding in the way credit scores are calculated when there are two users of the same credit card, since the primary account holder receives the benefit of building a strong credit history while the other does not” 
“For example, we know that many in our community, particularly people with larger followings, have faced abuse in their DM request inbox from people they don’t follow. 
“Right now, it’s still too difficult for most people to do any of this. 
“Currently, you can use text threads, images, videos, chats, and live streams to have conversations and hang out with people in your communities. 
“Lastly, you can now name your windows by right-clicking on an empty spot in the tab strip. 
“I would qualify as a ‘beginner’, but that also means I have no idea what ‘HIIT’, ‘Core’ or ’Strength’ mean. 
“Find the best spot to camp under starry night skies devoid of artificial light. 
“The Find My network extends these capabilities by locating missing devices even if they can’t or don’t connect to the internet. 
“women and mothers who have temporarily stopped working, that they need more ways to reflect career gaps on their Profile due to parenting and other life responsibilities. 
“When you see a reflection of yourself, you are more critical of yourself. 
“…it was always too easy to forget the articles I saved in Pocket. 
“customers can more easily find products, see how those products are being worn, and receive relevant accessory recommendations. 
“…information about the traffic along your route or details about when your favorite restaurant was open. 
“Access to information on the book, access to social-proofs, ability to catalog books. 
“You can remove yourself from the group altogether, add others (useful when someone’s watch dies) and control who can see your group activities — from everyone, to just your followers, to no one at all. 
“General managers wanted to offer an affordable and sustainable alternative to in-house dining. 
“Users avoid clicking the add-to-cart button because they aren’t confident that the item will get to them in time. 
“I get interrupted. 
“People feel less connected and aligned than ever. 
“Sleep affects every part of our waking lives. 
“The learning curve stifles newcomers. 
“In 2020 alone, the global GoFundMe community has raised over $100 million for tens of thousands of fundraisers focused on basic living expenses. 
“70% of my inbox is account verification codes. 
“47% of people who don’t currently listen to podcasts think that ‘subscribing’ to a podcast will cost money. 
“Candyland is an accessible game with rules that require limited amounts of cognitive load from players to play and can be understood by a wide variety of ages: perfect for playing with sick children at a variety of energy levels. 
“As much as we love seeing moments from what everybody’s reading, it’s quite a hassle to type it all in manually. 
“at our core, humans are social beings. 
“Have you been unable to get a vaccination appointment? 
“The picture can’t remember anything you do to it — it’s not connected to a database, which is one of the things that makes websites so useful. 
“In 2021 to date, more than one third of people searching our platform have been flexible in terms of the date or location of their stay. 
“The 4 seconds between ending a call on zoom and actually leaving the meeting is the digital equivalent of walking in the same direction of the person you just said goodbye to. 
“We don’t do a great job of letting you know if an account is temporarily suspended. 
““No matter where they are, people want to be entertained and inspired by those that they love,” says Lourie. 
“In the UK, 225,000 older people often go a week without speaking to anyone. 
“It is a common practice to share streaming service logins, especially in some sort of trade deal, where perhaps one cordcutter gives a friend their Hulu login in exchange for a Netflix login. 
“Data has shown that these shoppers won’t simply rely on packaging or branding to lead their buying decisions. 
“Family members often wish their relative coming from the US on an advert in the local newspaper… people are wishing others in town on a festive event, friends of Anji & Shyam are wishing them on their retirement. 
“Setting up a personal blog was just too much of a hassle. 
“One of the main issues with Alexa is discoverability of skills — 65% of users haven’t yet enabled a third-party skill… and once they find a skill, there’s only a 6% chance that the user will continue using that voice app within two weeks. 
“Battling stigmas around mental illness, a shortage of therapists and the knowledge that poor mental wellbeing is likely to persist this year as the pandemic continues to isolate us all. 
“We know it’s frustrating when you make a transfer from your traditional checking account to your traditional investment account and it takes a day or two to land in the market…You no longer have to wonder where your funds are or when they’ll be invested. 
“lets you know if the password you used has been previously exposed and what to do about it. 
“…help answer the question that most new parents ask themselves roughly every 90 seconds:”Is my baby still breathing? 
“We allow people to share their own experiences and journeys around self-image and body acceptance. 
“Where do people post photo albums to share with friends and family? 
“Managing feedback was a particularly sore spot. 
“The premise of the platform, bringing professionals together, is a challenging one from the start. 
“When you subscribe to smaller communities that don’t have as many members (and thus have posts that may not get as many upvotes) it’s hard for them to compete for a space in your feed. 
“Now, you can see how crowded your bus, train, or tube is likely to be before heading out on your commute. 
“Produce design options faster. 
“Within the doc editor, you can never find the right doc when you need it. 
“Share what you enjoy, see what your matches’ interests are too, and maybe it’ll be a great icebreaker! 
“Clubhouse is far better suited to discuss events as they are happening or immediately afterwards. 
“Taking photos of your friends and never sending to them. 
“It’s no wonder that dating has become a panic-induced, anxiety-ridden journey. 
“With COVID-19 keeping everyone at home, many people started pulling out old board games to beat their boredom. 
“Our business is growing. 
“When automobiles first started shipping with on-board GPS systems, it was not uncommon to use a forcing function which prevented the user from interacting with the GPS (such as entering in a destination) while the car was in motion. 
“The friction and pressure to create something good (with podcasts). 
“Financial insecurity seems to appear in many different forms and has varying level of costs. 
2 out of 3 designers said that the design operations tools they use are lacking most in reporting and analytics 
“For (new) vegans and vegetarians who want to avoid animal derived products. 
“one of the key reasons people no longer make phone calls — they don’t know when someone has time to talk and they don’t want to interrupt them. 
“I love how Netflix has a “Play anything” feature. 
“Venmoing my friends $1 or $100 feels about the same to me now. 
“Maybe you have an unruly number of do-one-day-kids activities on a board, but you’ll be much more likely to try them if organised into sections like “art projects” and “outdoor games”. 
“Time synced competition… Everybody who had taken the class would be there with you in the beginning. 
“The policies are scattered all over the place, and choosing the right course of action feels confusing and not user-friendly. 
“When will it stop raining? 
“We know that starting a conversation on LinkedIn, by crafting a post with just the right words, takes time (and in some cases, courage! 
“Get inmate calls for a fraction of the cost. 
“Historically, consumers have had to physically go to a Western Union office to send money overseas. 
“Pause the noise and savor communicating your thoughts. 
“Asking for feedback on a design can be scary—I’m still afraid to share & it’s easy to think it might create doubt or judgment. 
“Because you’re listening to people talk, Clubhouse is about a real-time exchange of ideas, not just consuming highly-edited, static content. 
“While this makes sense for machines to parse, it’s not as easy for humans. 
“Lookout uses computer vision to assist people with low vision or blindness get things done faster and more easily. 
“Is it raining in my local park in Seattle? 
“I don’t have another password in me IT, I really just don’t. 
“Advanced care directives have to be carefully disseminated to healthcare providers and strictly followed. 
“We want to make sure that your information on Facebook is … easy to understand and easy to find. 
“There are jobs that are a great fit but might seem out of reach, and others you may not even know you have the skills for. 
“Almost every case is different, that it’s tough to apply rules to every case, and that context is always changing. 
“Sometimes, it’s tricky for emergency responders to find you if you call from your mobile device. 
“For those unfamiliar, YouTube’s copyright claiming system used to inform a creator when a claim had been filed on one of their videos, but didn’t tell them exactly what part of the video supposedly contained copyrighted content. 
“You can now preview a linked file without having to open a new tab—which means less time spent moving between apps, and more time getting work done. 
“For need-to-try-before-you-buy products. 
“I need breakfast but I’m in the car driving to work, I can’t manage an egg.. 
“People have told us that they are sending screenshots of their negative coronavirus test results to one another. 
“One big problem with exercise is that we don’t track it very scrupulously…people over estimated the number of calories they burned in a workout by a factor of four. 
“Many others want to offer their audience the option to pay monthly or yearly for their work. 
“Work is less fun than it used to be. 
“I want to follow a diverse group of people. 
“Quickly and seamlessly cash checks straight from the Venmo app, without needing to visit a bank or physical check-cashing location, or worry about waiting in lines as people continue to follow social distancing protocols. 
“Unlike blogs, which link to other blogs almost as an ontological condition, most newsletters are impossible to find without an external referral or recommendation. 
“People are tired of information gathered for one purpose being used for other things. 
“Making games accessible to busy adults, giving them a place to invest and express themselves and be seen by people in their lives as creative. 
“The accumulation of (friends) over 13 years on fb/8 years on snap etc is so inaccurate to my actual friend graph today. 
“…set out to find a residential facility for young adults with physical disabilities. 
“Parents have to keep track of which medication was used last. 
“Humans need cathedrals. 
“It’s easy to be wrong; not so easy to realise it, and harder still to admit it. 
“People have a frustrated desire to make, craft, achieve and share. 
“find a better way to stay connected with each other. 
“Look To Speak could work where other communication devices couldn’t easily go—for example, in outdoors, in transit, in the shower and in urgent situations. 
“This technology enables a much larger audience to pay with their faces without worrying about the compatibility of their devices. 
“For many consumers, though, (nutrition) labels were like road signs: they provided tactical assistance while grocery shopping, but you still needed a map for how to eat. 
“You can now add a caption to your repost. 
“When you use the Keto filter in the snacks category on most e-grocery websites, it only returns a handful of results even though there are a lot more products available that fit the diet. 
“In today’s software, live video feeds are stuck inside static rectangles that can’t go anywhere. 
“Parents may not be clued in as to how kids’ are spending their time on Netflix — like those where the kids often watch independently or on their own device. 
“So often, email is a one-way street. 
“Starting those conversations can be nerve-wrecking though, especially if it’s been a while since you last spoke. 
“…help (businesses) track ‘days in state(s)’ & prove residency (of employees) for purposes of tax filing. 
“The great thing about the Mac mini is you can hook it up to -any- industry standard display, keyboard or mouse. 
“Look at all these -other- flavors. 
“What type of working out am I actually supposed to do, and how am I supposed to balance all of the different kinds when it seems like I am supposed to do multiple kinds and one is never enough? 
“Pregnancy was inscrutable, uncomfortable, terrifying, and sometimes terrifyingly boring. 
“Most professional athletes have one thing in common: they’re intensely competitive…. 
“You spend a bunch of time routing the perfect loop, and then suddenly wish it was going the other way round. 
“access to capital is the primary bottleneck that limits the growth and expansion of most small businesses. 
“workout pant transparency is a real issue for gym-goers. 
“To give Facebook Gaming creators more ways to connect with their audiences over that shared love for gaming, we’re introducing ‘Hanging Out,’ a new streaming category with a focus on conversation over gameplay. 
“One of the biggest deterrents in practicing languages is the fear of embarrassing ourselves. 
“Have you ever heard a phrase or quote and wondered what the original context was? 
“First of all, this is a really scary pandemic. 
“If you’re trying to decide between different pieces of fitness equipment, especially Peloton vs Tonal vs Tempo, etc, where do you go? 
“The Urdu spoken in TV news is much more formal than the Urdu I learned to speak at home, making it difficult to understand quick roundups and impossible to follow discussions, where interruptions and yelling are common. 
“We won’t judge you for not finishing. Things get in the way, and life is too short to slog through a book that isn’t for you. You can now mark a book as abandoned if you decide to move on, whatever the reason.” 
“91 million Americans struggle to access money when they need it, often resulting in excess cost and low credit scores.” 
“It felt arbitrary and confusing to many people.” 
“In areas with lower digital literacy, people may be less aware of the option to file a user report. People also often report content they may dislike or disagree with, but that does not violate our policies. For example, users may report content from rival sports teams or spoilers for TV shows they haven’t watched yet. In addition, some content may be seen by a lot of people before it is reported, so we can’t rely on user reports alone. 
“I couldn’t find a therapist that I could afford because 70% of therapists don’t accept insurance.” 
“Once people are out of work for (over 6 months), it can make it really hard for them to get jobs again, and to come back into the labour force, or if they do, they may well be taking a major step backwards, earning less money at a lower level of seniority. Maybe they are forced to change careers.” 
“Guests are often left feeling like outsiders in the places they visit.” 
“59% of people say conflicting nutrition information makes them question their choices.” 
“But some of you tell us that Tweeting is uncomfortable because it feels so public, so permanent, and like there’s so much pressure to rack up Retweets and Likes.” 
“The mixes generated for you on a weekly basis now give you more context on what to expect within, helping you to decide faster if it is what you want right now.” 
“As businesses tighten entry restrictions because of the pandemic, delivery and ride-share drivers are struggling more than ever to find open and usable restrooms.” 
“…as human beings we are just not meant to poach in other peoples anxiety all the time.” 
“(Verification messages) are mixed in with my real conversations.” 
“Dev handoff is hard.” 
“Great lighting is key to great portraits, and bad lighting is one of the most common reasons to discard one.” 
“There are two types of people in the world: tab minimalists who have just a few tabs open at a time and tab collectors who have…significantly more.” 
“Rigid project management software doesn’t afford real-life flexibility. It’s difficult to change things, and when you do, it’s a job in itself for project managers to communicate these changes and foresee all the cascading consequences.” 
“It’s hard work to convey (probabilities) in the right way (to the public).” 
“People with heart problems, cancers, strokes, and other diseases found it harder to get medical help, and some sat on their illness for fear of contracting COVID-19 at the hospital.” 
“The fear of getting sick and losing your job.” 
“Music lovers dread being stranded without their entertainment when noise cancelling dies on flights.” 
“It is truly difficult to assess mental health, both for people who are distressed and for health care providers who are not experts in mental health. With 1000 possible symptom combinations, depression manifests differently in different people.” 
“The more components you have the harder it is to find what you need.” 
Fine-grained podcast playback. 
“While it’s great to hold onto memories from friends and family, most of what we send doesn’t need to be everlasting.” 
“Roughly a third of global food production is wasted every year.” 
“The presales profession is in higher demand than ever, yet because it’s a relatively lesser-known and not concretely defined sales function, it historically hasn’t had many resources.” 
“Talking about themselves and their accomplishments feels a lot like bragging.” 
“… A way for people to connect and get to meet each other, at a time when many bars and other traditional meeting spots are closed down, or at least finding their normal operations very limited, and people simply will see each other less in person…” 
“It gives me anxiety because it’s so messy.” 
“Stigma associated with unemployment.” 
“If you’re like me you’ve tried a lot of different diets over time and it’s really hard to know what diet is ideal for you.” 
“All you get is a single link in your profile, prompting the constant “link in bio” reminder.” 
“When British Telecom (BT) used to make announcements or company news broke, there was always a delay before its own people knew about it.” 
“What if you don’t know what you want to watch?” 
“The home is still a disjointed experience… there is still much to do to make the rooms we live in into elegant, ambient, intelligent experiences.” 
“This is a time where everybody desperately wants to connect with other people because we all feel so distant and isolated.” 
“We’re still scribbling notes and getting off track and forgetting half of what was said.” 
“If you have time-sensitive issues, like renewing subscriptions, contracts or certificates…” 
“A brain injury is a hard injury to have…since it affects how you think, act and respond. It’s hard to talk about that loss and grief with people who have never experienced it. 
“Going into a subway station and having to read through four or five different notices to figure out where you can go this weekend, what you can do.” 
“To run a successful campaign, advertisers not only need to know who their audience is, but also who is responding to their message.” 
“One of the most challenging priorities for analysts are the demands that agency staff have for fast data reporting of surface metrics’ such as pageviews and number of users… information that is readily available if you know where and how to look.” 
“Later to bed, later to rise.” 
“…busy streets and hills.” 
“I’ve been off the grid for a while… what a mess of “sorry it took me so long to come back to you” apologies to catch-up with!” 
“I’m concerned about the many people who have been displaced in the recent natural disasters. How will they vote if they’re sheltering so far from their polling places, or if their mail-in ballots are sent to a home that’s no longer standing?” 
“One of the largest issues with the shift (to remote work) is that there’s no clear end to the workday.” 
“This is particularly important for users that work long hours and live in areas with limited access to the outdoors.” 
“Back-to-back video conferences, constant notifications, and isolation from peers can be overwhelming…risk of miscommunication is higher, and it’s harder to start new projects with multiple collaborators.”’ 
“A little bit of dating anxiety is healthy. It’s a sign you care. But too much of it will hurt your dating experience.” 
“One in 10 queries every day are misspelled.” 
“If you’re a parent, your kids may ask you questions about things you never thought you’d need to remember, like quadratic equations.” 
“It’s hard to know how a business’ offerings have changed during the pandemic.” 
“We all know how frustrating it is when you can’t remember the name of a song or any of the words but the tune is stuck in your head.” 
“Feeling lonely is what often triggers people to open dating apps, & that usually happens late at night or early morning.” # 
“People have trouble finding what they need, and they don’t understand what settings do!” # 
“Sometimes…customer feedback needs to be gathered quickly—leaving little time (and bandwidth) for research teams to carry out all the requests from the business.” # 
“…Worrying that the content is permanently attached to your profile.” # 
“Juggling emails, applications, spreadsheets and portals across multiple platforms creates an ever-present risk — that your ideal candidates could be slipping through the cracks.” # 
“Track your progress over the long haul.” # 
“We can only fulfill our mission of helping everyone to create the life they want to live if everyone on Pinterest can find inspiration,” he said. “And it’s really hard to feel inspired if you don’t feel represented.” # 
“But for your smaller circle of friends, we saw the need to stay more connected throughout the day, so you can communicate what you’re doing and how you’re feeling.” # 
“There’s the potential to show unexpected or shocking predictions. It’s also possible that people might take predictions as assertions of facts or opinions.” # 
“Understanding context is key to making informed investment decisions.” 
“I want to talk about an interest with other people who are also interested, but I don’t know where to find these people.” # 
“Tell me why the issue was caused in the first place. And just tell me what you did when you went away for ages. Not just ‘I have sorted it.’” 
“Young people have difficulty simply getting a job because competition for job vacancies is high. Young people are competing with other experienced job seekers who are already working or have recently worked. This competition makes it hard for young, inexperienced job seekers to get a foot in the door.” # 
“If they aren’t catching you at a good time, they can leave a video message, which has automatic captions to help if you have hearing loss or are in a spot where you can’t play audio.” # 
“Businesses often rely on phone calls to reach out to new customers and serve existing ones. But here’s the hang-up: customers often don’t answer the call if they don’t recognize the number. They worry it could be spam, or worse, a scam: a 2019 FTC report found that phone calls were the number one way people reported being contacted by scammers.” # 
“Appliances beeping. Water running. Dogs barking. These are all sounds that are meant to grab your attention when something important is happening. But, if you have hearing loss or are wearing headphones, these sounds might not be able to draw your attention like they’re intended to.” # 
“When you’re not aware that a camera or photo app has applied a filter, the photos can negatively impact mental wellbeing. These default filters can quietly set a beauty standard that some people compare themselves against.” # 
“In the United States, only 19 percent of people with disabilities are employed.” # 
“Sometimes, a phone call is the best way to get something done… But more often than not, we need to wait on hold during these calls—listening closely to hold music and repetitive messages—before we reach a customer support representative who can help. In fact, people in the United States spent over 10 million hours on hold with businesses last week.” # 
“It can be stressful perfecting that message to a recruiter or asking for an introduction from a mutual connection — only to realize you’ve made a typo or used the wrong “too.”” # 
“When there aren’t enough words to express your thoughts or simply not enough to say, emojis are there for you! Give a quick “thumbs up” to something shared, or quickly react to a Story you’ve seen from one of your connections.” # 
“Ever seen someone’s name in writing and find yourself not totally sure how to pronounce it correctly? Correct pronunciation is not just a common courtesy -it’s an important part of making a good first impression and creating an inclusive workplace.” # 
“But too often, we look at one word or phrase trending on Twitter and ask, “why is this trending? It should be easier to understand what’s being said immediately.” # 
“Sometimes, we want to draw attention to the specific moment in a live video that made us think, surprised us, or made us laugh. Previously, we could only Tweet an entire live video, which made it difficult to discuss what matters most. We saw people Tweeting with the specific time in the video directing us to the part they wanted us to watch. # 
“Job seekers told us that they weren’t sure about whether a specific program could help them get a job. Plus, many of the programs that offer formal certificates cost money and require time commitments that can be hard to sustain..” * 
“As employees think about returning to the office, they’re feeling uncomfortable about going out to a restaurant for lunch.” * 
“Even during non-pandemic times, we know that transportation can be a barrier for patients to get to their healthcare appointments.” * 
“Veterans come back and can’t find a job. They have skills, but they don’t know what jobs these skills qualify them for.” * 
“How important the desktop web experience is for Instagram business accounts, who often use their personal computers throughout their workdays.” 
“Don’t feel like making your own playlist?.” * 
“The right playlist can make or break a workout. 
“Sometimes admins may step down or leave their groups.” *