I couldn’t find a therapist that I could afford because 70% of therapists don’t accept insurance.”

Provider directories are so error-prone that if a patient does manage to track down a therapist, it’s not uncommon for the practitioner to have moved, retired or even passed away.”

Mental health startup Headway nabs $26M backed by Google Ventures

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“Once people are out of work for (over 6 months), it can make it really hard for them to get jobs again, and to come back into the labour force, or if they do, they may well be taking a major step backwards, earning less money at a lower level of seniority. Maybe they are forced to change careers.” The Pandemic Economy in 7 Numbers
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“In areas with lower digital literacy, people may be less aware of the option to file a user report. People also often report content they may dislike or disagree with, but that does not violate our policies. For example, users may report content from rival sports teams or spoilers for TV shows they haven’t watched yet. In addition, some content may be seen by a lot of people before it is reported, so we can’t rely on user reports alone. Combating Hate Speech