heavy mental burden of remembering to finish those halfway read articles or vacation research”

help you ignore the online noise and focus on what matters to you.”

saving you time and headspace, and removing the visual clutter that can often leave us feeling overwhelmed.”

There are moments in your day when you are reading an article and suddenly get distracted”

Instead of the gazillions tabs piling up on that topic, Firefox for Android now groups and lists them so you can easily get back into the flow of researching. We’ll keep the information readily available for you for 14 days.”

We heard from users who kept tabs so they can go back to them at a later time but struggled with tab clutter.”


browser firefox

A fitness journey that is fun, effective, convenient, and incredibly empowering”

bring people together and empower positive change”

achieve their goals in the most joyful and connected way possible”


fitness metaverse

Finding a way to connect with people who might buy from you, while spending less time pursuing those who will never be interested”

making it easier to connect with those who have been customers before who have now moved to different jobs”

it’s hard to predict regularly when a person in one position will be there the next time you look.”

the hit rate is significantly higher when it involves people who are already familiar with you or might be more readily interested in what you are selling.”


usergems sales

Hinge wants to help people get to know you as soon as they see your profile. If a picture is worth 1,000 words, imagine how many your voice is,”

Voice notes make it easier to get to know your match.”

Voice notes on Hinge

hinge dating

their design and their focus on images reduces people to caricatures.”

you want to be able to select from a wide variety of people, but that variety can be debilitatingly overwhelming.”

people can be less stringent about where and when to meet—”

dating is efficient for people who want to hook up or pursue casual relationships, while matchmaking is far more serious and time-consuming by design”

Forget dating apps: Here’s how the net’s newest matchmakers help you find love


prevent participants from unmuting themselves after they are muted.”

Audio & Video Lock