The premise of the platform, bringing professionals together, is a challenging one from the start. People hate networking. Also, they’re bad at it.”

You get enough work emails and don’t need any more. LinkedIn’s constant drip of communication is just more work on top of the real work you have to do.”

LinkedIn’s Alternate Universe


When you subscribe to smaller communities that don’t have as many members (and thus have posts that may not get as many upvotes) it’s hard for them to compete for a space in your feed. To help them out, we’re running a test to feature them more often in notifications for the first one to two weeks. People in the test (and all redditors) will have the ability to visit their settings to lower the frequency of the notifications they receive from a specific community or turn them off altogether.”

Here’s what went out January 20th–February 2nd

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Now, you can see how crowded your bus, train, or tube is likely to be before heading out on your commute.”


public transport

Produce design options faster.” Make it easier to work on complex systems.” Reduce the distance between creator and creation.”



Within the doc editor, you can never find the right doc when you need it.”

Critical feedback ends up spread across docs, notes, email, chat, & project management tools.”

Permissions and signoffs are a nightmare, and you’re always in needless meetings to get on the same page.”

You start from scratch rather than applying the standard best practices used across your industry.”


document management

Share what you enjoy, see what your matches’ interests are too, and maybe it’ll be a great icebreaker!”

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