Sometimes words aren’t enough. Written words, that is, trimmed down to fit into a tweet or extended to fill out a full blog post or book. The emotion and feeling are often lost along the way.”

Talking isn’t a cure-all either; few have time to listen to everyone’s unvarnished thoughts.”

But what if it was easier to record whatever you have to say, whenever an idea comes to mind? What if you could bring in your friends, chat about something, and share your discussion with the world? And what if the recording studio subtly pushed you to get to the point and trim your thoughts down to their essence as you’re talking?”

What is Racket

racket audio

20% of grocery consumers sought out opponents adhering to a damaging result from poor substitutions.”

desires to answer the dilemma of how men and women choose what to eat”

Flavour intelligence


Finally, something that tells me what those weird symbols mean! I honestly had no idea how to decode them so when my favorite sweater had symbol-only care instructions I was completely stumped.”

Laundry Lens

laundry lens

I would always go shopping and forget my gift cards at home and my grandfather would always give me gift cards to stores I would never shop at.”

Advice from a teenage founder


…having the ability to text other users will certainly make organising rooms a bit easier.”

Meanwhile, listeners can discuss the conversation with each other while it’s still happening, and without interrupting the hosts.”

Clubhouse backchannel


but we haven’t typically been open to giving play a place at work or in our work tools. Because of our associations with work and adulthood, play can at times make some people uncomfortable — even though we’re fundamentally built for it.”

Emotionality at work

microsoft emoji play