When this feature is turned on, a blue icon will appear in the address bar when coupons are available.”

Microsoft Edge - App Store


It’s a lot of work to build your own replica of the infrastructure so you can run it locally.” A lot of cloud infra is proprietary and impossible to run locally!”

let me use production-like infrastructure as much as possible throughout the process of building and testing code.)”

Software infrastructure 2.0: a wishlist

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Current approaches to address them view weight gain as the problem, rather than a symptom of poor metabolic health. They also treat us all the same, when in reality our bodies are all very different.”



Users have been using Twitter to solicit tips or Patreon follows for years — ending viral threads with a shoutout to a SoundCloud account is practically a meme at this point. So it makes sense that Twitter would be looking to streamline the feature as part of its own app.”

Twitter is testing a new Tip Jar feature


Across the country, restaurant operators are reporting steep staff shortages, and are struggling to hire both cooks and wait staff.”



Canadians who already started testing the tool have used the feature to find missing pets, organize hiking trips, make new friends, find a handyman and get baking materials, Patton said.”

Outside of sharing their Facebook profile information, users can also provide their interests such as skiing and there’s also a section to get to know the pets in your neighborhood. People who use the feature could also take on different roles such as a”socializer,” helper” or welcomer,” she said.”

Neighborhoods by Facebook