1. People can travel anytime.
  2. People are traveling everywhere.
  3. People are staying longer.

Flexible matching is listings that lie just outside a specified search, to show guests more options.”

The arrival information guests need, from directions to Wi-Fi, is now in one place.”

Contextually relevant filters appear when in season—for example, ski-in/out.”

More specific details for amenities, such as whether a fireplace is fueled by gas or wood.”

Ocean view? Stationary bike? These useful details are now called out in the listings.”

Map pins no longer randomly disappear and reappear while zooming and panning.”

While planning a stay, relevant Experiences are suggested to guests.”’

Hosts can message current guests with recommended nearby Experiences during their stay.”

Experiences Hosts can now easily revise and update listing descriptions to ensure accuracy.”

Guests can find stays near something special, like a waterfall or a winery.”

Updated calculator helps you quickly estimate the earnings potential of your space.”

Most Experiences Hosts can now easily upload videos to showcase their shared passion.”

Automatic text suggestion for creating a compelling listing title based on info provided.”

Allows Hosts to easily locate messages in their inbox by a variety of search criteria.”

Hosts can now easily personalise their Quick Replies to frequently asked guest questions.”

Airbnb 2021


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