Personal safety Many people share passwords and access to their devices with their partner. However, in abusive relationships this can threaten personal safety and make it harder for victims to get help.”

iMessages Have you ever sent a message only to realize you didn’t quite sat what you intended?”

Have you ever wished you never sent that message at all?”

If you don’t have time to respond in the moment and want to be sure to come back to message later.”

iCloud Shared Photo library Our precious memories are often captured by several people, and in between personal photos of hobbies, house projects and homework, we have photos on our device that everyone in the family would like to have. But no one has all of them, so the family’s memories are never complete.

If you take a photo of something personal like a gift, you can easily turn it off.”

When you are on vacation, you want to make sure the photos are shared right away…you (might forget) to share them later.”

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“notification permission prompts can become a nuisance. ” “makes it easy to pick up where you left off (vs. scrolling through your browser history).”