Stores still need employees to be…helping confused shoppers enter the store through the barriers”

the main priority for many is finding the cheapest groceries, not whether they can save two minutes standing at a till.”

they also want to actually to talk to people when they go and do their shopping.”

Amazon Fresh

Part of me feels like this is obvious. And I found the experience of buying a single protein bar at the store in San Francisco as very odd.. It was a small convenience store, more like an airport kiosk, and the security guard was overly friendly. I felt like I was in an art exhibit. It felt closer to shoplifting an item from a dodgy 7-11. But at my local big chain supermarket at home in Australia, I realize that I don’t chat to a human being when I check out. I scan my items with an annoying machine that can never weigh things properly and I feel like it’s paranoid I’m going to trick it and mistag something. So in that case, I would prefer to walk out.

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