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The feature’s purpose is to make users aware of important — and sometimes time-sensitive — stuff so they can do something about it without undue distraction.
Personal safety “Many people share passwords and access to their devices with their partner.
“Over 50% of people take medications, and we wanted to make it easier to track, manage and understand the medications that you take.
“Unlike physical ID cards, driver’s license and state ID in Wallet presents only the information needed for the interaction, and the user has the opportunity to review and authorize the information being requested before it is shared.
“There are many situations where”suggest less” or “stop suggesting” aren’t exactly how I want to change my recommendations.
Why: “Never Miss a Stop”
“can you put all the sms verification codes into like a separate tab…my actual conversations are being drowned out.
“people using technology too much.
“When further away, we found it was really hard to remain facing a specific direction.
“Falls are the leading cause of accidents, injury, and death for seniors in the US, and they’re responsible for billions in healthcare costs each year.
“These new controls for better managing what shows up as a featured image will come in handy when an unpleasant memory pops up, perhaps one featuring an ex-partner or a place that has a negative association.
“give the people you care about a starring role.
“AssistiveTouch for watchOS allows users with upper body limb differences to enjoy the benefits of Apple Watch without ever having to touch the display or controls.
“Let’s say I’m looking for an app to help me make some pizza from scratch: I can type “pizza” in the App Store’s search field and see additional words pop up like “maker,” “game,” “call,” “calculator,” or “order.
“listeners will be able to browse free channels, which make it easy to find more shows from their favourite creators”
“There’s been a lack of transparency and consumer understanding in the way credit scores are calculated when there are two users of the same credit card, since the primary account holder receives the benefit of building a strong credit history while the other does not”
“I would qualify as a ‘beginner’, but that also means I have no idea what ‘HIIT’, ‘Core’ or ’Strength’ mean.
“The Find My network extends these capabilities by locating missing devices even if they can’t or don’t connect to the internet.
“When will it stop raining?
“The great thing about the Mac mini is you can hook it up to -any- industry standard display, keyboard or mouse.
“The mixes generated for you on a weekly basis now give you more context on what to expect within, helping you to decide faster if it is what you want right now.”
“(Verification messages) are mixed in with my real conversations.”
“…busy streets and hills.”