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“I don’t go to work to be a family, a brotherhood, or whatever… I do that at my pub, at the gym or with my friends.
“Some employers like logistics companies couldn’t hire fast enough, struggling to pinpoint talent with the right skills for their open roles.
“labor shortages”
“Theres a huge difference between taking a break for a video call and navigating how to get to and from, into and out of, a courthouse.
“The average American commute in 2019 was 27 minutes each way.
“They all deserve care and access to the vaccine, no matter their address, income or skin color.
“People feel less connected and aligned than ever.
“In 2020 alone, the global GoFundMe community has raised over $100 million for tens of thousands of fundraisers focused on basic living expenses.
“Have you been unable to get a vaccination appointment?
“With COVID-19 keeping everyone at home, many people started pulling out old board games to beat their boredom.
“You can now preview a linked file without having to open a new tab—which means less time spent moving between apps, and more time getting work done.
“Work is less fun than it used to be.
“People have a frustrated desire to make, craft, achieve and share.
“First of all, this is a really scary pandemic.
“As businesses tighten entry restrictions because of the pandemic, delivery and ride-share drivers are struggling more than ever to find open and usable restrooms.”
“…as human beings we are just not meant to poach in other peoples anxiety all the time.”
“It’s hard work to convey (probabilities) in the right way (to the public).”
“People with heart problems, cancers, strokes, and other diseases found it harder to get medical help, and some sat on their illness for fear of contracting COVID-19 at the hospital.”
“This is a time where everybody desperately wants to connect with other people because we all feel so distant and isolated.”
“We’re still scribbling notes and getting off track and forgetting half of what was said.”
“One of the largest issues with the shift (to remote work) is that there’s no clear end to the workday.”
“Back-to-back video conferences, constant notifications, and isolation from peers can be overwhelming…risk of miscommunication is higher, and it’s harder to start new projects with multiple collaborators.”’
“It’s hard to know how a business’ offerings have changed during the pandemic.”
“As employees think about returning to the office, they’re feeling uncomfortable about going out to a restaurant for lunch.” *
“Even during non-pandemic times, we know that transportation can be a barrier for patients to get to their healthcare appointments.” *