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“To collaborate effectively with those in our wider network, it’s helpful to learn more about them, what they work on, who they work with, and what’s important to them.
“so that it is easier to notice and address raised hands.
“How do I find a receipt from three weeks ago.
“such minute differences in colours that it was almost impossible to distinguish important elements like roads, text, and borders.
“One of the most popular ways people take note of things they like is by taking a screenshot — but it’s not always easy to take action on those screenshots afterward.
“Language is remarkably nuanced and adaptable.
“We often want to be together - and we can’t.
“They’re easy to steal, they’re hard to remember, and managing them is tedious.
“…information about the traffic along your route or details about when your favorite restaurant was open.
“I get interrupted.
“Sleep affects every part of our waking lives.
“lets you know if the password you used has been previously exposed and what to do about it.
“Lookout uses computer vision to assist people with low vision or blindness get things done faster and more easily.
“Is it raining in my local park in Seattle?
“Sometimes, it’s tricky for emergency responders to find you if you call from your mobile device.
“You can now preview a linked file without having to open a new tab—which means less time spent moving between apps, and more time getting work done.
“For need-to-try-before-you-buy products.
“…set out to find a residential facility for young adults with physical disabilities.
“find a better way to stay connected with each other.
“Look To Speak could work where other communication devices couldn’t easily go—for example, in outdoors, in transit, in the shower and in urgent situations.
“Have you ever heard a phrase or quote and wondered what the original context was?
“Great lighting is key to great portraits, and bad lighting is one of the most common reasons to discard one.”
“There are two types of people in the world: tab minimalists who have just a few tabs open at a time and tab collectors who have…significantly more.”
“To run a successful campaign, advertisers not only need to know who their audience is, but also who is responding to their message.”
“One in 10 queries every day are misspelled.”
“If you’re a parent, your kids may ask you questions about things you never thought you’d need to remember, like quadratic equations.”
“It’s hard to know how a business’ offerings have changed during the pandemic.”
“We all know how frustrating it is when you can’t remember the name of a song or any of the words but the tune is stuck in your head.”
“There’s the potential to show unexpected or shocking predictions. It’s also possible that people might take predictions as assertions of facts or opinions.” #
“Understanding context is key to making informed investment decisions.”
“If they aren’t catching you at a good time, they can leave a video message, which has automatic captions to help if you have hearing loss or are in a spot where you can’t play audio.” #
“Businesses often rely on phone calls to reach out to new customers and serve existing ones. But here’s the hang-up: customers often don’t answer the call if they don’t recognize the number. They worry it could be spam, or worse, a scam: a 2019 FTC report found that phone calls were the number one way people reported being contacted by scammers.” #
“Appliances beeping. Water running. Dogs barking. These are all sounds that are meant to grab your attention when something important is happening. But, if you have hearing loss or are wearing headphones, these sounds might not be able to draw your attention like they’re intended to.” #
“When you’re not aware that a camera or photo app has applied a filter, the photos can negatively impact mental wellbeing. These default filters can quietly set a beauty standard that some people compare themselves against.” #
“In the United States, only 19 percent of people with disabilities are employed.” #
“Sometimes, a phone call is the best way to get something done… But more often than not, we need to wait on hold during these calls—listening closely to hold music and repetitive messages—before we reach a customer support representative who can help. In fact, people in the United States spent over 10 million hours on hold with businesses last week.” #
“Job seekers told us that they weren’t sure about whether a specific program could help them get a job. Plus, many of the programs that offer formal certificates cost money and require time commitments that can be hard to sustain..” *
“Veterans come back and can’t find a job. They have skills, but they don’t know what jobs these skills qualify them for.” *