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“You might not be starting or instigating these conversations, but your buyers are on Reddit and LinkedIn and all these social media platforms.
“20% increase YoY in people adding visual content in their posts.
“Staying up to date on your network is a key part of the feed, but that doesn’t mean you need (or want!
“Open to work was born out of watching how our members were hacking their Profile headlines and Feeds to amplify their need for support.
“you can now also check out companies’ vaccination requirements as part of how you evaluate jobs”
“Dark mode… helps reduce eye strain and help with light sensitivities (while maintaining the right color contrast ratio)”
“…how useful is a CV with a list of skills, really?
“careers you could transition into — and might not have considered”
“When it comes to soft skills, 75% of hiring managers in the U.
“We know it can be frustrating if you click on a job post on LinkedIn and be taken to a partner job site only to find it’s now closed.
“Some employers like logistics companies couldn’t hire fast enough, struggling to pinpoint talent with the right skills for their open roles.
“follow-up privately with another group member who has shared something relatable or interesting in the community.
“we made it possible for members to self-identify their demographics, including gender, race, ethnicity and disability - none of this information is visible on a member’s profile or used to identify the individual.
“women and mothers who have temporarily stopped working, that they need more ways to reflect career gaps on their Profile due to parenting and other life responsibilities.
“The premise of the platform, bringing professionals together, is a challenging one from the start.
“We know that starting a conversation on LinkedIn, by crafting a post with just the right words, takes time (and in some cases, courage!
“There are jobs that are a great fit but might seem out of reach, and others you may not even know you have the skills for.
“Starting those conversations can be nerve-wrecking though, especially if it’s been a while since you last spoke.
“Stigma associated with unemployment.”
“I’ve been off the grid for a while… what a mess of “sorry it took me so long to come back to you” apologies to catch-up with!”
“…Worrying that the content is permanently attached to your profile.” #
“It can be stressful perfecting that message to a recruiter or asking for an introduction from a mutual connection — only to realize you’ve made a typo or used the wrong “too.”” #
“When there aren’t enough words to express your thoughts or simply not enough to say, emojis are there for you! Give a quick “thumbs up” to something shared, or quickly react to a Story you’ve seen from one of your connections.” #
“Ever seen someone’s name in writing and find yourself not totally sure how to pronounce it correctly? Correct pronunciation is not just a common courtesy -it’s an important part of making a good first impression and creating an inclusive workplace.” #