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“What none do well is allow you to find your stuff after a while.
“we’ve all been on a call where someone has poor room acoustics making it hard to hear them, or seen two people try to talk at the same time creating an awkward “no, you go ahead” moment.
Smart reminders: “I (want to) reach out to them regularly…I usually can’t specify in advance what kind of schedule I want or all of these options, like delete this, never show this to me again, like that’s too heavy handed.
“Today’s tools require behavior change and constant input.
“As more work has moved from the office to the cloud, our digital ecosystems have become more complex.
“…my day is meetings — an eight-Zoom day is a normal day — I just wish I could remember everything.
“It’s a powerful way of getting stuff out of your head before it vanishes — an essential capability in our distracting, information-drenched world.
“her teams spent about 90% of their time digging around Dropbox looking for assets.
“the people most attracted to getting things done are the people who need it the least”
“The tasks you so diligently enter into your fancy app or productivity method linger for days or weeks or months (or even longer—one colleague recently told me his to-do app has undone tasks from 2019).
“I want to know how much time I’m spending on sales vs product vs …”
“Is this actually possible within the time frame they’re giving me?
“I don’t go to work to be a family, a brotherhood, or whatever… I do that at my pub, at the gym or with my friends.
“Joining a team now that uses Google Docs more frequently, the frequency of reading”requested access!
“I get interrupted.
“Our business is growing.
“You can now preview a linked file without having to open a new tab—which means less time spent moving between apps, and more time getting work done.
“Rigid project management software doesn’t afford real-life flexibility. It’s difficult to change things, and when you do, it’s a job in itself for project managers to communicate these changes and foresee all the cascading consequences.”
“If you have time-sensitive issues, like renewing subscriptions, contracts or certificates…”