The tasks you so diligently enter into your fancy app or productivity method linger for days or weeks or months (or even longer—one colleague recently told me his to-do app has undone tasks from 2019).”

Ten percent were done within a minute. It was almost like people were writing them down just so they had something to check off.”

People loved to write down their tasks. But that didn’t seem to help with completing them.”

There is no Way That Everyone Does (To Do’s).”

When a task is unfinished, we can’t seem to stop thinking about it.”

They keep postponing stuff. And then suddenly you have a hundred tasks that you need to do.”

People feel that when they put all their tasks somewhere, they’ve already done most of the work,”

Maybe their app doesn’t match the way that customer’s mind works. Maybe the customer is a hot mess. Maybe their workload is unreasonable.”

Hundreds of Ways to Get S#!+ Done—and We Still Don’t


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